ABUS Liebesschloss with engraving (yellow)

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Attention: Please useNo emojisymbols, but only numbers and letters from the German alphabet.

You have to pay attention to this:

For each line of text you have 20 characters available, which you can design freely according to the specifications. With the 20 characters each, we can excellent quality/readability Ensure.


If you are not sure whether your desired text is suitable, you can use the "Now Customize" Button to display your wishes directly visually and try out.


Here are some facts about the product:

Original: For our exclusive engraving we use only original ABUS branded goods. The ABUS brand has been synonymous with exclusive padlocks for years. Because of their safety, ABUS padlocks are world-renowned and popular.

INDIVIDUAL TEXT ENGRAVING: In order for the original product to have a personal character, you can have your desired text engraved with us. This makes the padlock with engraving a love lock and at the same time a real unique piece.

Quality: Thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology, the engraving is weather-resistant and the lock still looks like the first day after years. Due to the robust aluminium body, the lock cannot rust. It is therefore a romantic gift that symbolizes your eternal love and is a great proof of love.

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