Immortalize Your Love: Design Your Love Castle Now!

Love is certainly one of the most beautiful feelings a person can experience. Expressing this love and showing appreciation to the Partner is an elementary part of any relationship. While people once carved hearts into trees or park benches, today it is the love locks with engraving that lovers want to capture their feelings. The love locks hang on bridges, lampposts and fence screens in the major cities of the world, from New York via Paris and Amsterdam, all the way to Tokyo. In a few steps you can also design a love Castle with your personal motif and set a monument to your love in the city of your choice.

Where does the tradition of love castles come from?

It is not entirely clear how the love Castle Tradition has evolved. The Tradition probably originated in Italy, more precisely in the Italian university city of Florence. There, graduates of San Georgia University hung their Spint locks on the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, and threw the keys into the river Arno. This marked the end of her studies and the end of a period of her life. Presumably, the Idea of love locks with engraving inspired by this Tradition and it was decided to attach locks with romantic messages to the Milvian Bridge in Rome. This Tradition was finally spread through the film" ich steh auf dich " (2006) by Federico Moccias, in which the lovers attached their castle to a bridge in Rome. Since then, in many cities of the world, the colorful castles hang and attract not only lovers, but also many tourists.


What do the love locks look like?

The lock should be engraved as personally as possible, because at least it expresses your very personal love for each other. If you want to buy a love lock, you should first think carefully about which Design you want. With us you can choose between different locks, colors, motifs and fonts. After you have selected a lock and a motif, you can enter your desired text and position it on the lock. If you are using your Design are satisfied, you just have to buy the love lock and leave the Rest to us. Within 24 hours we are ready to ship your order during the week.


What is special about our love lock with engraving?

Many providers of Love locks use the diamond engraving to design the locks. This technique allows only thin lines and borders, the motifs are often boring and there is not much choice. In addition, the locks are coated to protect them from rust and dirt. If you design the locks with a diamond engraving, this coating is damaged and the locks rust within a very short time. We design your love lock with engraving therefore with a modern laser engraving technique. This technique allows a great variety of motifs and many different fonts, which allows the individual design of the castle. In addition, the laser engraving does not affect the coating of the lock, even after several years, the engraving is still readable. The different motifs are not only suitable for lovers. An engraved lock is also a great gift for friends and family.


How long does the engraving take and how expensive is the delivery?

We are a small company and take care of every single Castle personally. Our team makes the greatest effort with all locks and designs them exactly according to your wishes. The dispatch of the love locks takes place during the week within 24 hours and thus reaches your home in the fastest way. Shipping is completely free of charge within Germany.


Design your love lock with engraving now