Love lock with engraving

Love locks are the trend when it comes to lovers to give their love something binding - also apart from an engagement ring or even a wedding ring. The trend of engraved love locks, which lovers attach to a bridge after they have been personalized, are the trend among lovers of our time.


A lock with an engraving. A gigantic gift idea for love

A self-designed lock - the ideal gift for all those who want to give a token of love to a very special person. The tradition of love locks was once the tradition of Italian students and has since conquered bridges all over the world. No matter whether Cologne, Hamburg, Paris or New York, hardly any of the bridges can do without love locks hanging on them.

An engraved lock in the shape of a heart. Heart locks with engraving are now also available from us

While in the past only the classic padlocks could engrave, today there are many more options to provide a lock with engraving. In addition to optimal laser technology, we also offer different shapes and fonts. Our heart lock with engraving is particularly popular at the moment.

You design your castle in minutes. It couldn't be easier.

We would like to briefly explain why you should have your lock engraved by us as a gift. Probably the special thing about our engravedLove locks, is that instead of a simple milling cutter, we use an absolutely precise laser engraving technique for engraving. Thus we at Liebesschloss-Express can engrave numerous different motifs according to your ideas in absolute top quality and are not limited to simple heart motifs. We have the technology you need toLove locksto be perfectly engraved.

Frequently asked questions regarding our engraving technology

We are often asked how we engrave the locks, i.e. using which technology. We decided to use lasers for the engraving technique for various reasons. Find out here where the advantages of laser engraving compared to diamond engraving are for love locks:


Diamond engraving
Laser engraving
  • With diamond engraving, only very thin lines and borders are possible
  • The coating is removed during engraving. This quickly creates rust on your lock
  • Dirt will make itself felt over time
  • The engraving is worn and soiled within months.
  • Almost all motifs are possible with laser engraving.

  • The coating will be discoloredand stays that way for a really long time.

  • The engraving is durable and very weather-resistant.

  • After many years, the lock with the engraving is still very well preserved


12 different fonts for your engraving!

Not every font is suitable for every occasion.
So that you can find the right font for your lock, we at Liebesschloss-Express offer you 12 different fonts to choose from. In our love lock configurator you now have the option to preview your personal text in the desired font. This saves you from making a bad buy and makes designing your lock even more fun.


Secure your love lock now

Order your individual and engraved lock in just a few minutes and rely on what is probably the best engraving technology currently available on the love lock market and thus achieve a unique quality standard.


The perfect packaging for your love lock!

A great gift for your greatest treasure also deserves great packaging. You can buy them from us, just choose one of our high-quality gift boxes when you have designed your lock.