Heart castle with engraving

Liebesschlösser in heart shape are the most popular stop-locks on Germany's bridge rail-changing. The small heart locks can be designed individually, with one of 13 motifs, as well as two lines of text, from 12 different fonts in the shop.

Of course, a small heart-shaped key is part of every love castle.

In addition, we offer 4 different colors: red, black, gold and rosé.


The Love Castle Custom

The classic custom of the love locks says that two fell in love together a love castle, as a sign of eternally holding love, attach it to a bridge railing and throw the key into the water together. The castle is supposed to hang on this bridge for all times and to hold the love of the pair together.

Unfortunately, the origin of the brew is not quite clear. Researchers suspect that the love castle Brauch comes from Italy and was practised there by in love in Rome.

Many couples buy locks and paint them with a marker. The problem here is that the inscription with a marker does not stop forever and fades over time.

Liebesschloss Gravur Arten

Heart locks can be inscribed in three ways.


Colour Print/Marker

There are so-called DIY locks, which are intended to be painted.

These are mostly made of plastic and can be labeled well. However, the aesthetics of the castle depend very much on your handwriting. In addition, there is also a printing process that can label love locks by sublimation printing.

Sublimation pressure is also known by coffee mugs with motifs.

This method is used by some providers to install images on the lock.

Labeling Love Castle with Marker

Diamond Engraving/Engraving Engraving

The classic engraver adorns a love castle with the help of a milling cutter and engraves fine lines into the surface. The problem here, however, is that by the indentation in the love castle, dirt and salt settles in the engraving. With time, the castle can begin to rust and, after a few years, it also no longer looks aesthetically.

In addition, no filled motifs can be engraved in this case, but only outlines.

Liebesschloss with rusty engraving

Laser engraving

Our love locks are engraved with the help of a laser. As a result, the surface becomes discolored and detailed motifs and writings can be immortated on the castle.

The advantage here is that the engraving permanently holds in the love lock and can not be removed again. In addition, no dirt can deposit in the surface, as in the case of the engraving of the milling cutter.

For the layman, the engraving looks like printed, which discolorates the surface completely in white.