The secret of Cologne's love locks

How it all started

A love castle says more than a thousand words. But where does this custom actually have its origin? The origin of the romantic ritual contains a great secret, because its history is based on two very different assumptions.

The first is that the roots of the brew are in Italy. There, graduates of the University of San Georgio in Florence brought the pans of their locker at the Ponte Vecchio bridge to symbolize that their student time was now finally over.
It was only at a later time that lovers of love began to attach their castle to the Milvische Brücke in Rome and threw the key in the Tiber. Since none of the two could open the castle anymore, this was regarded as a sign of eternal connectedness. The need for Liebesschlösser was born.

The second possible origin of the Liebesschlösser will be located in Serbia. At the time of World War I, a Serbian teacher fell in love with a Serbian officer. However, when he had to go to war, he fell in love with the island of Corfu, and left the teacher back forever. She then suffered from severe depression and died shortly afterwards at her love-lover number. After this incident, many women from Vrnjačka began to engrave the name of their beloved in pre-hangans, to prevent them from redriving this sad fate as well. After all, they were attached to the local "bridge of love", where the teacher and the officer often met earlier.

Meanwhile, the already long-known custom has become a real trend. Especially popular love bridges are not only available in Cologne, but also in Salzburg, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Prague, London and New York.

Liebesschlösser at the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne

The bridge with the most love locks in Cologne

If you want to immortalize yourself in Cologne with a personalized castle, you should look around the main train station. There is the famous Hohenzollern Bridge, which is located in the 20. It was built with a length of 400 metres and leads over the longest river in Germany.

In 1911, it was ceremoniously made by Kaiser Wilhelm II. is inaugurated. Shortly before the Second World War ended, however, the bridge was partially destroyed and had to be slowly restored within 11 years. The tracks for the railway were restored, but also two new pedestrian and cycle paths were added.

Today, it is one of the most frequented railway bridges in all of Germany. It is also quick and easy to reach from the centre of Cologne to Deutz on the so-called "Schäl Sick". Ever since 2008, new buildings have been added to this building. Liebesschlösser of love pairs. This was not always fond of seeing. At first, the Deutsche Bahn, the owner of the building, feared that the numerous locks could strain the bridge too much and already played with the idea of removing it once and for all. In the end, however, this has not been put into practice, since the bridge can also carry heavy trains effortlessly and thus there is no danger. Because of this, you can still enjoy the numerous colorful love evidence that will become more and more. What is striking is that the grids on the south side of the bridge are particularly popular. This has already been done with numerous locks, so that almost no more can be attached. Among other things, celebrities such as Daniela Katzenberger and the acclaimed singer Pink have been immortalised with their own palaces and individual engraving. If you also want to bring your padlock on the south side of the bridge, next to those of the celebrities, you should not lose any more time and get on the way to Cologne. The left side, however, still offers enough space for your romantic love-style. Meanwhile, approximately 40,000 pre-hangings with engraving decorate the lattice of the bridge. Once a year, you can also experience a particularly romantic spectacle on the Hohenzollernbrücke bridge: the 'Kölner Lichter', a musical fireworks show.


Each castle holds the history of two loving people

To mount a castle with engraving is more than just a simple custom and a nice gift. It is simultaneously a huge promise to a loved one and a popular method to set a monument to the love of two people. The ritual is quite simple, but the intention behind it speaks volumes. The castle is a witness of two people who want to be connected to each other for the rest of their lives and who carry their feelings towards the outside on this path. The custom works as follows: the pair decide together for an individual love lock, which are available in all possible shapes and colors. It is also particularly popular now to provide his castle with personal engravings, such as names, significant sayings, poems, lyrics, or initials. The personalized castle is finally put together in a romantic place, usually on the grid of a bridge, on gates or fences. Since the associated key is finally thrown into the water, the Liebesschloss for always closed. For the others, it may only be a padlock, but for the pair that it has attached, the castle has an infinitely great meaning. The most beautiful thing about it is: the couple can return to this place at any time, enjoy themselves at their personal castle, enjoy a shared memory and rethink the hurdles it has already overcome together. In addition, a sign of his love can be brought in many different cities and thus a piece of himself can be left behind.

Many love locks at a Liebesschloss bridge

That's why a personalized castle is the most wonderful gift

The special castle with personal engraving has become one of the most popular love evidence of our time. It stands for love, trust, affection, hope and eternal connectedness. This original gift shows a person not only how important it is to you, but the ritual associated with it can also be distinguished with a shared experience, which in turn will be welded together in a very special way with your partner or partner. Especially popular is the fitting of these special locks, for example, in the course of a trip or to round off a romantic evening. It's not an expensive gift, but it's an infinitely valuable one. So if you are looking for a romantic gift for your loved ones or your loved ones, you can still order your own personalized padlock as a sign of your love, to make your heart leaf a great joy and to set up a monument to your eternal love. The moment of attachment will certainly provide goosebumps and will be remembered for ever. In order to give away your great love, you do not always have to wait for an occasion. Spontaneous gifts are usually the most beautiful. You too, with this romantic gift for heart knock and an unforgettable moment, will give you two.